LinkedIn – Your digital evangelist for business

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Over the years, this social networking site has transitioned from professional network to resume builder to business marketing. With the strong professional connections, LinkedIn is serving as a central repository as well as distributed channel aligned with the best algorithm for reaching out to the people/ companies/ organizations.

LinkedIn facilitates your B2B marketing and accelerates the reach to your audience if you incorporate these hacks :

  1. Hyperlink your brand value :The branding of your business lies in the core value of your product or service. Having said that, it means your brand ambassador should communicate the same on the right channel. LinkedIn has given the publishing rights on Pulse to everyone. Make sure, your evangelist is utilizing this property and hyperlinking the core value to your landing page.
  2. Indirect marketing : If you directly bump into somebody’s path to say “hi”, he may not like it. If you directly preach about yourself, it will be more likely considered as “self-selling”. Beware of direct marketing & shift to indirect marketing.If others recommend about your product, it will have more ROI than you publicizing on your own. Invite guest-bloggers on your website blog and ask them to write around your technology or the business value. Let them share the same in their LinkedIn network and wait for the magic to happen.
  3. The power of audience: Marketing solely depends on the target audience. For B2B business, LinkdeIn brings the most concentrated and the least diluted community of audience. If you share info & updates about your product on this right channel, lead generation raises it’s ratio.
  4. Community facilitator: Make sure you have joined groups corresponding to business’ interest. One can find, like-minded people and the hottest discussions around the key business proposition. Though, sometimes it becomes stingy to receive too many emails from the groups but you might get lucky in generating leads over there.
  5. LinkedIn page : You do mention website name of your company on the business card to make sure people visit the landing page to get more info about the business. Have your tried mentioning your social profiles on your b-card? Try out once. Maintain a solid company profile page on LinkedIn and keep sharing updates.

The LinkedIn serves as the social mirror for your business. Try out the above mentioned hacks to bring more rewards for your business according to the time spent.

Sharing is caring!