8/20 rule for startup marketing

80-20 rule of Social Media Marketing for Startups

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Startups at the sprouting stage have limited resources for their whole business. Sometimes, the team just consists of co-founders and other times include 10 – 15 employees taking care of diverse segment of the business including technology, marketing & operations. Since, Social Media Marketing is heavily dependent on quality content creation; it becomes difficult to supply a chain of fresh content with limited resources.

When you have constraints, go with the 80 – 20 rule of Social Media Marketing. Having said that, it means 20% you must have the originality in your content and rest 80% you can drive through the inspiration from your competitors or business in the same niche.

Keep a close eye on the content they are producing and also track the traffic sources which land upon those content. Measuring both these parameters will make it clear if you need that kind of traffic for your business with the specific content. When I say, you need to track – it should include the content platform as well as the marketing platform (social media, email marketing, inbound marketing).

Competitor benchmarking is important when you are just building up your audience. Specify your user segment according to customers and start creating the content bucket to channelise through different sources.

Gradually, the momentum will accelerate and you will be able to turn the table to 20 – 80 rule 🙂

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