24 Realistic Questions To Create Customer Persona for Your Product
Customer Persona | Digimusk.com
The first step towards  creating, marketing & selling your product In layman words, a customer persona is data derived ideal identity of your prospective customer. This identity will filter out your customer’s characteristic from the rest of the world. There can be multiple personas based on different use cases. Why is it the first step towards creating, marketing […]
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4 Questions That Will Create Your Social Media Strategy
Social Media Strategy - Digimusk
If you’re reading this by chance or by choice, the probability is you could be either a marketer, an entrepreneur or a blogger. If you happen to be either of these, you can very well co-relate yourself with the need of having a social media strategy in place. When I had started my career in […]
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A Step by Step Process for Performance Marketing
The Step by Step process for performance marketing
A lot has been said and a lot has been mixed up when it comes to performance marketing. Sometimes it is confused with affiliate marketing, sometimes with performance advertising, but this term “Performance Marketing” stands alone with its own meaning. So here I’m trying to make it very simple to you. In a nutshell, the […]
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A Step By Step Process To Plan Your Digital Marketing Budget
Recently, I’ve been very active on Instagram and have been rolling out marketing hacks. Other than the awareness factor, I am doing this to ensure I have a keyword repository of my learning. The online world is full of knowledge and I am using Instagram as my notepad for me & for others. While I shared […]
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How Our First Customers Became Our Micro-influencers (And Doubled our Average Order Value)
dressprise (1)
If you don’t know about Dressprise, please visit www.dressprise.com We are an early stage startup, inspired by Birchbox and Dollar Shave Club. When we had started, considering India as the market, we had to face few constraints such as Not many people are subscription savvy unless and until the product is actually a “need”. Not many […]
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This whiteboard hack can change your life
I have never been so intrigued before in measuring time but after using this awesome productivity app, I have started making more time. Disclaimer : I am a digital nomad and I work as a freelancer/ consultant for multiple startups. As such, my work style demands discipline and self motivated focus. When I started the freelancing journey, […]
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How to stay Digitally Inspired? — 13 little hacks
This digital world is following the shortest route algorithm to discover literally anything. We have been relying on Google since 90’s to search for our queries. We are seeing the exponential urge to know about new things happening around us. But, what is the key behind those realistic mind-boggling queries? — “Inspiration”. What actually makes us to […]
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