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This digital world is following the shortest route algorithm to discover literally anything. We have been relying on Google since 90’s to search for our queries. We are seeing the exponential urge to know about new things happening around us. But, what is the key behind those realistic mind-boggling queries? — “Inspiration”. What actually makes us to find something? Why do we want to know about the reason behind any specific fact? The thought process when we navigate to google (dot) com and start typing “How to…? Where should I…? How can I…? When was…? How can I connect with…?”

The answer to above would like to cross-question

“How do you discover Inspiration which constantly forces you to be better than the previous day and how well do you follow up with the derived inspiration?”

I am social-media addict and I am sure if you have bumped onto this article, we do have similar traits to the digital extent. But with bundles of information and social media updates, we constantly keep navigating from here to there and we don’t follow a closed loop. While closing the inspiration loop is not advisable but being in the loop is the need of the time.

Everyday I squeeze my time, for the digital world, in bucket slots of 5 minutes (to scan through inspiration, search and save), 10 minutes (to close up on personal emails), 15 minutes (to read articles) and 30 minutes ( to write anything).

My daily dose of inspiration and its follow-up simple hacks include :

  1. Following Product Hunt and checking out cool sexy apps being invented each day (5 minutes). The spectacular which I found here — Evolvr.Io
  2. Scanning top and recent stories on Medium and saving it in Pocket for the later read (5 minutes) Recommended — The art of making good decisions by Jeff Goins
  3. Answering on Quora and finding out the latest question trends (5 minutes).
  4. Checking out on Twitter — What’s trending today? (5 minutes)

  5. Inspecting Facebook for meaningful updates (5 minutes)
  6. Flipping through the updates on LinkedIn and finding out if there could be a potential meaningful connection (5 minutes)
  7. Checking out Pocket and going through the saved Product Hunt, Medium, Quora, LinkedIn articles. (15 minutes)
  8. Following the authors of those interesting articles on Twitter usingTweetdeck. (5 minutes)
  9. Drafting personalized emails to connect with thought builders/leaders/ authors. (10 minutes)
  10. Using Rapportive to find out their social networks at one go. ( 5 minutes)
  11. Scheduling direct emails for connect using Streak. (5 minutes)
  12. Reading the fav blogs —TechCrunch/ YourStory / Mattermark /Kissmetrics / Hubspot / GetVero / Entrepreneur / Forbes. (15 minutes)
  13. Writing down my thoughts derived from the above mentioned motivating hacks. (30 minutes).

I make sure that I keep on refreshing my bucket list of digital inspiration. Would like to know your digital dose of inspiration; do recommend any add on to my list.

If you are inspired even 1%, do share and recommend to inspire others.

Sharing is caring!