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The Minimalist Style: “The Minimal Conversations”

learn how can you implement this in your own life!

What comes to your mind when you hear “minimalism”?

Do you start imagining more white space?

Or, do you start looking over surroundings and you realize you need to declutter the things around you?

At its core, minimalism is the intentional promotion of the things we most value and the removal of everything that distracts us from it.

The last line holds me for a longer time.

“Everything that distracts us from it”.

Distractions are elements that should not be on your path when you’re on to something. I’m a practitioner of productivity and the more I inculcate habits, the more I understand the value of distractions and more about minimalism.

While I was digging deeper into the art of minimalism, I learnt the art of minimal conversations.

I really find this one beautiful, concise, quality oriented.

What do I mean by Minimal Conversations?

Speaking only “what is important”, “at the right time”, “in the right place” to add value to your personal growth and to the people around you.

Here the “what”, the “why”, the “when”, the “where”, really play an important role.

How can you practice the art of minimal conversations?

Whenever you are in the middle of any conversation that needs your input, introspect on these things:


Whatever you’re going to speak, think about if it will really add value to the conversation? Will it add/ bring any new perspective? Will it solve anything? If yes, then speak. If no, take a pause.


Is it the right time for you to speak? If you don’t add my input now, will it be fine? Does “now” need my immediate attention? If yes, do speak. If no, hold on, let others speak.


It ain’t necessary that you should be a part of every conversation wherever you go. You may find yourself in a bunch of people like you or unlike you, you may find yourself in middle of a heated debate, it’s up to you to analyze where you are at present and if that place needs your input at all or not. Sometimes it’s better to be silent, other times your thoughts need to be out.


Why at all should you speak, or be a part of any conversation? Will it be beneficial to you or to the people around you? Why do you need to include your views? If being silent will be worth of the time, or if raising your points will be worth of the time.

Once you start practicing minimal conversations, you will find that your thoughts, your views, your words have gain weight. They can’t be simply anywhere, anytime. They deserve their own quality time and own quality place.

People will start acknowledging that too. Your time will gain importance and attention. You will not feel distracted anymore. You will listen more and add only when it’s required.

People will be curious to have your opinions and they will start valuing your thoughts much more than before.

Though this may look like I’m asking you to be an introvert.

No, I’m not!

I’m only asking you to be cautious of your conversations and practice it to a place where it deserves to be out.

This is an art, indeed!

If beautifully articulated, you will see the difference.

The art of minimal conversations will add to your minimalist lifestyle.

Minimalist lifestyle = Only important stuff that adds value to your personal growth

Minimal Conversations in Minimalist lifestyle = Only important discussions that add value to your personal growth and to the people around you