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The Unique Most Powerful Search Engine Of The World

Supported by the best algorithm that never goes wrong

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There are plenty of search engines, right?

And, Google ranks the best? Why, because it gives you instantaneous million results about the same query and you stick to the first page answers believing it to be the right?

Also, there are smarter people (unlike me), who’re ditching Google and choosing private search engines to make sure of their privacy concerns.

Yeah, I do feel, it makes sense because your search is your thing!

You may SEARCH how to make yourself super-organized?

You may SEARCH how can you save more money?

You may SEARCH how shall you change yourself that will fulfill your wishes?

You may SEARCH what’s the key for a successful business?

You may SEARCH how to draft a 90 days marketing plan within 90 minutes?

Here I’ve directed you to such search queries but in general if you search for 10 questions, you will get millions of different types of answers for the same.

So which one should you choose?

The first page one, which is ranking really good as per the google recently launched algorithm but has been written some 3 years ago? You don’t realize the date, and take it as the final truth?

Or, the recent ones such as past month, past week ones? But you wonder, if that’s right or not?

Now, let me tell you Google or any other can be a really good search engine to feed your queries and get multiple choices, but you have the best search engine to decide on your choices.

Let me show you how:


When you see a pile of clothes in your wardrobe, and you’re going to an engagement party, but you can’t decide whether to wear yellow or white? You don’t rely on Google for this search query. You probably ask your mother, or your best friend to choose for you. Or, you go on Instagram story and ask for a poll. This is fun, right? Feeding your choices through others?

But at the end, you’re using your brain as the search engine. It’s the most powerful.

You will find yourself asking your brain

🔥When was the last time you wore Yellow?

🔥Have the same people who are attending the event have seen you in the same dress before?

🔥Will you be comfortable wearing Yellow/ White?

🔥Which accessories do you have to match up perfect?

🔥Which one will make you look photogenic?

🔥+ blah +blah +blah

Do you see the difference here?

If you search your brain with this choice query, you don’t get millions of answers. You get only a few selected answers or maybe only a single answer. And, when your brain gives you multiple answers, you use your best algorithm to decide on the same.

What’s that?

Your gut feeling!

Trust me and trust other experienced people. Your gut feeling is the best decision maker for you. It can never go wrong! If you feel right about something, this means the gut algorithm is making you feel right about it.

If you feel negative about something, it’s because the gut feeling doesn’t show you on it’s page.

When you have the best search engine “Your Brain” and the best algorithm “Your Gut Feeling”, why to rely on Google, Duck Duck Go, Ask, AOL, and others.

Next time, when you have a search query, ask your brain first, then choose the gut feeling results.

See how can your brain be used as a search engine:

🔥When was the last time you wore Yellow?

  • Brain: 2 months ago.
  • Gut Feeling: Long time, dude! You should give it a try

🔥Have the same people who are attending the event seen you in the same dress before?

  • Brain: Yes.
  • Gut Feeling: So what, you haven’t worn yellow one for a long time, and it makes you look stand out

🔥Will you be comfortable wearing Yellow/ White?

  • Brain: White because it’s loose.
  • Gut Feeling: Yes, white makes sense, but yellow will make you look smarter

🔥Do you have accessories to match with your dress?

  • Brain: No
  • Gut Feeling: F**** accessories, you look great simple as well.

🔥Which one will make you look photogenic?

  • Brain: Yellow
  • Gut Feeling: Yellow

You have decided already. It’s the Gut Feeling. Yellow, it is!

See you can train it better, you can feed in better, you can go strong better with what you own. Even you can make it your own AI and call it as your “#NI” <Your Name> Intelligence.

I’m calling it #KI <Kasturi Intelligence>

💪🏻Whatever the query is, it goes first to my brain.

💪🏻Whatever the result is, it goes it to my gut feeling.

💪🏻Whatever the gut feeling says, I go with it.

Use your brain (the most powerful search engine) and your gut feeling (the best algorithm) to make your decisions.

🙋🏻What’s your #NI?

🙋🏻What’s your brain searching today?

🙋🏻What’s your gut feeling saying today?

Well, there are a couple of choices I have to make today, and I’ve asked my brain and also have the gut feeling answer. But for “the fun”, I’m posting few polls on my insta story today, to see if your gut matches with my gut feeling, or not!

Sounds like a plan?

Will you be helping me today?

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